Ah! Lord God (Character III) Series IV

Ah! Lord God (Character III) Series IV

This study is a three weeks study, we started last week, and the concluding parts will be dropped this week.

We have been discussing about CHARACTER for the past few weeks and I know God will communicate what we need to know through these articles in Jesus name.

This week, we want to continue the practicality of the word “character”. I hope we have started working on what we discussed in the last series? God will give us the grace! Click below to read…

Suddenly in this our generation we just forget what is called; integrity, loyalty, hard-work, diligence, respect, giving, love and grateful attitude

Really! Did I just say we forgot! We don’t even know what they are. Maybe those words were relevant in the days of our fathers/mothers, but they didn’t pass it on to us. They talk about how their parents make them go through hell so they can inculcate these great values, but they only allow it to stay with them…why? They thought their parent were too hard on them. They believe they were doing the right thing for us! But Sir/Ma! Dad! Mum! Grandpa! Grandma! You need to pass that baton of good character, godly living to us. You can do it in a better way, even if you think your parents approach was not too humane.

When these words make no meaning to us, we will not only loose the physical character, but the spiritual character will also be greatly affected. I will break those words down in another dimension that will help us to see it in another true light, I will discuss 7 as listed above;

The first to be discussed is Integrity – Integrity in its simplicity is “say it the way you will do it and do it the way you said it” So easy! I do that! You munched! Congratulations! Many of us are struggling with the value of integrity. They can’t talk and do, they believe that only God will say it and do it. But also remember you are a child of God, and you are not a bastard. When you sign the dotted lines of the agreement as an employee, do you stand by the rules? As a student, what are your values? how diligent are you? As a father/mother, are you walking in the true light of God’s Word and instructions? As an employee, do you resume at work at the appropriate time, at church, for appointments! And peradventure you WILL be late, how did you handle it. When you give your word, do you stand by it?

Jesus Christ as recorded by the Apostles in Mathew to John, gave us a compendium of character and attitude management that will bring us to fulfil God’s will. In Matthew 5:37, he simply summarises it thus; “Let your YES be YES and your NO, NO”, he further said that anything beyond this is from the evil one. Please! Think about these things!

Secondly, let’s look at Loyalty! Each time I remember our understanding about loyalty, I feel sad. But, when I remember the story of Abraham’s servant, I always have hope that at least we still have a documented pattern of loyalty act. Because it seems all these great, godly and important characters are going into extinction. I was having a discussion with some group of teenagers and I asked them what loyalty and integrity means, they don’t know! Oh! God of Heaven! Please, help us!

Genesis 24 is one of my favourite scriptures, it tells the story of Abraham and his head servant. Abraham told this man to go to his kindred to get a wife for his son, Isaac, he did exactly what his master told him, even in a more excellent way. May the Lord give me grace to be excellent in carrying out any task in Jesus name.

Abraham’s servant handled this task the way his master had taught him! He prayed! Genesis 24:12 says, the first thing the man did was that he prayed, no wonder he had such a great result. Many of us were not taught what to do before embarking on a new project, journey or assignment, “Prayer is key” Some were not taught morals at all and some of us who are taught even forget the morals our parents/guardian, teachers, elders, taught us let alone inculcate or use it excellently. When you follow the dimension of good/godly character you are taught and exude it in an excellent way, you are loyal to both those who taught you and the ones you are passing it to. God did an excellent job by handing over a documented comprehensive law (The Bible) to us and gave us the Holy Spirit to interpret it to us. Joshua 1:8 says, we must say it, meditate on it day and night, and do all that is written in it if we want good success.

When you are responsible for someone or something passionately, you are displaying loyalty. When you can talk about someone/something with understanding and conviction, you are loyal…Some of us can’t even talk about Jesus to our friends/neighbors/colleagues, families etc, are we truly loyal to what we claim we believe? When what you do both in the presence of or absence of are the same, you are loyal. Loyalty to God is rewarding, so is loyalty to man. Be Loyal!

The third and with which I will close today before we discuss the remaining 4 is Hard-work and Diligence. I decided to take this together because I see them as a paired wing. “Hard-work does not kill, laziness does”, my father will always emphasize. He will further explain that hard-work and diligence makes a woman more beautiful and radiant. I will shrug my shoulders as I imagine a stressed looking me, trying to get rid of the sweat, yet looking beautiful. In the actual fact, hard-work and diligence makes you attractive to the right people. It might sound old fashioned, but it is expedient for our success in life.

Think about everyone God called out to use for landmark events in the Bible, they are all hard-working and diligent. David, Moses, Deborah, Ruth, Mary, Elisha, all the disciples are all committed to one profession or the other. I just don’t understand where we got this idea of “God called me, you will all feed me and meet my needs” syndrome from. May the Lord get the disease out of our lives in Jesus name.

It even shows in our commitment to our fellowship with God. This lack of commitment to hard-work and diligence makes us a prey of envy and jealousy. May the Lord deliver us and help us in Jesus name.


Confession:   I walk in the character of God and grace to live above sin.

Prayer: Father! Give me grace to live a life established and approved by you so that I can live in fulfilment of God’s purpose for my life in Jesus name.

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