Ah! Lord God! (Character II) Series III

This week, our focus will be on character in its action…Characters are shaped in childhood. We pick up our adult role from childhood. When a child comes from a godly home, and easily mix with ungodly children in school. This shows that the child works with the wise (home), but walks with fools in school. What will be the product of his life is who he/she walks with, hence the result we see in our children/ward today. Who they walk with is more important as to who they work with. That is why we need to be careful and walk with our children, because the quality of life is not hardwork, but results.
Why I went down to children is because the quality of adulthood is mostly dependent on the quality of childhood. This is why we are likened to a child even if we have given our lives to Christ as adult.
Ananias and Sapphira are one example of this in adulthood. They are a Christian couple, they work, dine, move with Christians (disciples), but never allowed the Holy Spirit to take total control of their lives. They want to feel among. Many are like that in church today, deceiving themselves, thinking they are deceiving others. Kindly read Acts chapter 5:1-11 and repent today, tomorrow might be too late.