Ah! Lord God! (Character) Series II

A man can work with the wise and not be wise, but no man will walk with the wise and not be wise…Abimbola
I likened wisdom to people you walk with, because our work and walk with others are one of the things that expose the quality of our lives. Whatever attitude you have as a man(human), all that you do boils down to intentions, motives and aspirations/goals. These are what guide your actions.
When this is in play, CHARACTER bags it or house it. It then follows that, what a man does or does not do begin to define his personality, his person and his achievements.
When you walk in the image of God, you act in the character of God, when you act in the character of GOD, you shine as light.
This background stem from last week introduction. Get to read it on… but for the purpose of this study, we will discuss character in light of WISDOM.