Ah! Lord God (Character IV) Series V

Ah! Lord God (Character IV) Series V

This is a continuation of the seven characters we started, and we will be discussing the 4th to 7th today. God bless you. To read the previous three discussed, click the link

  1. Respect has been misrepresented to us. Before now, we thought respect is greeting someone with a sense of humility. Yes it is part of it, but not all of it.

I have seen many respect their parents in greetings, but rude and disobedient to them. You listen to what they say to you, but you don’t do it, that is being disrespectful.

I define respect as understanding my values and relating with me as such. It takes respect to understand someone and also takes respect to communicate effectively with them. I see quite a number of people with such qualities in the Bible, Ruth is one person that displays; hard-work, love, diligence, loyalty, humility and respect. This woman left all that she had to follow an aged childless widow to a land she doesn’t know. Naomi had to give her an advice of what she would do as a woman, but her love, respect and level of loyalty had taken over her decisive mind. Ruth 1-4.

What is the level of your respect, loyalty and integrity both to God and to man?

  • Giving is not an unrewarding attitude, it is action backed with a promise. Luke 6:38 says, when you give, what will be given back to you will overflow. Because of the tension in our society, we tend to keep and store for our use. But if we remember the advice in Proverbs 11:24, it says that if we keep more than is meet, one will tend to poverty, but if we give to people, we will yet increase.

There are people in need around and at reach, meet them at the point of their need. Even if you don’t have money, give companion, keep people’s company, especially people that are going through tough times. Not a jobless kind of company or gossip, keep company with a great purpose. Give your time, give resources, render selfless services, give your money, etc. I always remember the story of Tabitha who was such a great giver, that when she died, her beneficiaries gathered round till she came back to life. Acts 9:36-42.

As a matter of fact, when you give, you are sowing. Ask any farmer, you can never reap exactly your seed, your harvest will always be greater than your seed.


  • Be Grateful – Entitlement mentality is one of the bad characters eating us deep in this generation. We are nice to people because we need this or that from them. Colossians 3:23 says whatever you do, do it as unto God, and not unto man.

We are quick to say to our children when we give them something, “so, what do you say”, and the child will quickly echo back, “Thank you”. Do we do it ourselves? The 5 magic words should be frequent in our mouth; Please! Excuse me! I’m sorry! Thank you! Pardon me!

There are ways to appreciate people. Many say it culturally, but not from their heart. If you truly appreciate someone and grateful to them, you will respect them, you will love them and you will value them.

The second aspect is to show our gratitude to God. Whatever God gives you is not just to consume it and dust your leg and go. In Luke 17:11-19, the bible tells of 10 leppers that were healed, only one came back to say “thank you” to Jesus. Jesus said, are there not ten cleansed, where are the other nine?

Be the only one that comes back to say “thank you” to God and BE TRULY GRATEFUL both to God and man.

  • The seventh and last is CHARITY! LOVE!

If we start talking about love, we won’t finish this series. But I will only talk about it as it relates to our character.

I Peter 4:8 emphasizes that when you love, forgiveness will be eminent. Forgiveness is not a favour to the offender, but a freedom given to yourself. How can I forgive someone who killed my parent? How can I forgive someone who raped me? How can I forgive…

When we love through the love of Christ, we look through His eyes and we see past those offences, just to release ourselves into freedom and glory.

May the Lord expand these words in our heart and give us grace to be true to ourselves and live a life pleasing in His sight as we fulfil His purpose on earth in Jesus name.

I Love you!

We have come to the end of this series, by next month we are discussing another great and interesting topic: MENTORSHIP. Watch out! as it is going to be amazing and impacting.

Confession:   I walk in the character of God and grace to live above sin.

Prayer: Father! Give me grace to live a life established and approved by you so that I can live in fulfilment of God’s purpose for my life  in Jesus name.

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