Q1: What does a relationship with God really entail?

I think relationship with God is our life. It is life because without God there are so many things we cannot do by our strength. When we have relationship with God, you must have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour, then you walk with God, see Him as your Father, talk to Him, fellowship with Him. As you grow in Him, you will see that your life depend on that relationship.

Q2: How does one deal with insecurity, low self esteem?

Hummmmm, this happens to most women. But the bible says we are all sons of God. I used to tell our sisters, especially the young sisters (singles), not to look down on themselves at all, because before God we are the same. The Spirit of God in us is the same. God will not say, this Spirit is for boys or men, and this for girls, No!!! we are one before Him. And because we have God in us, we must be conscious of status, believing that whatever God says you can do, you can do it, by the Spirit of God that lives in you. Looking down on yourself, having low self-esteem will reduce what God wants to do through you. But when you let go of that spirit, and you come up to be who you are in Christ, then the power of God will begin to flow through you.

Q3: What do you do when God is silent about who your future partner is, even after several years?

Then you sleep(chuckles). Look at Adam and Eve, before God brought Eve to Adam, the Lord caused Adam to sleep. What I mean by sleep is that to relax. One thing we must know is that, God created us, and He answers prayers. So, after you have prayed and talked to God, if nothing happens, then just relax and wait. In waiting is your strength, that’s what the bible says. When you wait before the Lord, when you relax in the Lord, then the strength will come. And as you wait, God knows the appointed time for your partner to manifest. There is nothing you can do about it if you really trust the Lord. Though you have so many things you can do if you want to have it your own way, but if you trust in the Lord, relax, the person will surely come.

Q4: Why can’t God reward those who are faithful to Him, and pay those who are unfaithful to Him in their own coin, because there are so many things I don’t join others to do because of the fear of God in me, yet, those who do it prosper?

You may think they prosper, but one thing you must understand is that, God created everyone, both believers and unbelievers, and that’s why Jesus died for all, not only those who will receive Him but died for the whole world. So, He is interested in the salvation of everybody. If it looks as if God delays, for example, you are walking right and nothing seems to be right, you may be thinking like that, but God is going somewhere with you. If you are righteous, definitely you will face some persecutions. There are some things you will not want to do like the world, but at the same time He sees all those things, he sees your faithfulness, he is checking your righteousness and he’s going somewhere with you, better than those who are not faithful to God.

At the same time, those who are not faithful, God may allow them, giving them grace, because of the love He has for everybody. But you must be sure of one thing, that righteousness pays. At the end of the day, you will thank God that you are righteous. Things may not be as fast as you think it will be or as fast as others are having it. But God did not forget nor will he ignore your faithfulness and righteousness, He doesn’t forget our good works.

When we were young, there are some of our friends then, by doing things their own way, they got things as fast as they wanted it, their movement was very fast and easy. And we thought then, being an SU, this is not God’s way and we won’t follow this path. At the end of the day, now we are thanking God, because when I see some of my mates, they have turned to something else. But God is still good and still perfecting Himself in our lives.

If you are faithful to God, keep on being faithful, He will never forsake you nor forget your righteousness. The day of recknoning will still come when God will call you by your name and beautify your life. Don’t stop been good, don’t stop being righteous. God is noting all those things and he’s coming back to reward you.

Q5: How can I deal with a parent that curse her children at every slight provocation, even the children are used to doing the same thing when they are angry with each other?

If the children are born again, and are God’s children, what they need to do is to pray for their mum or dad. Because if someone is not born again, he/she can do anything and can say anything. But as a child of God, you know it is not the right thing to do. A spirit filled mother will never curse her childlren, instead you pray for them. Believing God  that the child will be someone great in life, even greater than her. So, it is not normal for a mother to curse her child, when something is not normal, you call Christ to come and handle the situation. So, pray for your mother or father, pray for her salvation, pray that God will touch her and God will humble her spirit so that she can appreciate the great gifts God has given her.

Q6: How can one discover their purpose in life?

It is very, very important for everyone to discover their purpose in God. The best way to do that, is to know that God. Because if you don’t give your life to Christ, you can’t go to God to ask Him what He wants you to do in life. Although, some are vast in their profession, educated with good job, good pay, professional, but such a person might not have discovered his or her purpose in life. Apart from having great achievement in the circular world, you still need to know why God has created you and the best way to do that is to go to God. Because,  it is in that purpose that you can be truly satisfied and be established in life. So, go to God and ask Him, He will reveal His purpose for your life to you once you ask Him.

Q7: How can I forgive myself of my past mistakes and how can I live without the guilt of the past?

You need to!!!

I was talking to someone battling with some serious situations, definitely she has a terrible past and I asked her a simple question, has God forgiven you? She said Yes! Have you forgiven yourself? she said, No. This is a terrible spirit,  because if God has forgiven you, you must determine to forgive yourself, irrespective of what you have done. If Jesus Christ can look for that Samaritan woman who has six husbands, yet Christ was looking for her. The reason is, Jesus knew what He has put inside of her. She was created for God’s glory, the devil just wanted to destroy the plan of God for her life,  but Jesus came to her rescue waiting for her beside the well. Not minding her past, the encounter she had with Jesus changed everything about her, to the extent that when she entered the city to tell the people about Jesus, they didn’t see her old self, they saw the glory of God in her life. The bible says, “they all followed her to see Jesus”. Jesus covered her with His glory. Whatever you have done in the past, if God says He has forgiven you, you must be ready to forgive yourself so that you  move forward. Because the devil can keep you in that bondage of guilt, just for you not to fulfil the purpose of God, so you must determine by the grace of God to forgive yourself.

Q8:Why is it difficult for some men to support their spouse, especially when she is making a headway than him, or if she is probably richer or learned than him?  Some men start viewing those ladies as arrogant or proud, is it that being a lady you must not be ahead of your partner? Where is the place of fulfilling your purpose despite being a woman? Must you be subject to your man that you cant move ahead with your God given purpose to impact life?

What should a married or single lady in this kind of position do?

Well, if you check the bible well, there are some women even in the old testament, when women are not seen at all nor counted as part of the citizens. Still, Deborah emerge to become, like a Prime Minister. Can you imagine that! And she was married to Lapidoth, how was she able to get to that peak? One thing is very important for every woman to understand, you need to humble yourself. If Deborah had failed to humbled herself, she wouldn’t have got to that level. The same thing with the woman in Proverbs 31, she was rich, richer than her husband. She was known by everyone around the area. She has a very buoyant business, she was blessed, but we didn’t hear anything about the man until this woman helped the man, she helped her husband. Most of the problem we have is that we allow who we are to take over our senses and behaviour at times. Women atimes need to remember that you still need to submit to your husband. In that submission, you will be able to fulfil your purpose, and you also help your husband. God can take us to any level, you can become even the President of a nation. Nothing stops you from getting to any level. If you are married, submit yourself to your husband. In submission, the man will allow you to get to any level you want to get to, because as you submit and honour your husband, he will believe that wherever you are, you will still honour him. Your blessings, the glory of God upon your life is also part of his own blessing and glory. Humble yourself before God, submit to your huisband.

For single sisters, nothing stops you, nor hinder you, keep moving, keep flowing, keep at what God has put in your hand. And when you marry, submit to your husband, allow your husband to have a say in your life. Put him where God has put him, he’s your head. Don’t begin to walk on him because you are achieving great things, submit to him and as you are doing that, even, heaven will back you up.

Q9: A lot of people have been willing to ask, how it was for you as a lady, a single sister who had a very juicy proposal from a lawyer, as contrary and opposed to Bro. Mike?. How was it for you, how did you feel and how were you able to make that kind of decision? What went through your mind? How was it with you and God? How did you do it?

I want to believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit, because naturally, is not that I don’t have suitors, but it is essential to see beyond appearance. This is why it is important to give your life to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was going, he told the disciples sternly not to start preaching until they have received the Holy Ghost. When Peter was baptised with the Holy Spirit, the Peter that was running away from a young girl, was able to face thousands of people to minister and talk about Jesus to them. When I watched the Train movie, I just remember that, what helped me to make that decision was the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit works in our lives. It is not easy to say “Yes” to a man who has no steady job, no income…, which is what ladies always glamour for these days, somebody who has arrived. But, if you have the Holy Spirit in you, you will see beyond the man, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see the future. Through those periods, God showed me the future. When I saw Bro. Mike, I didn’t see him as a man I should assess by what he has or who he is, I saw the man who was loaded with power and the gift of the Holy Spirit. I saw future!!! I saw beyond him! So, when I was saying, we have a job we are doing…” aren’t we working now? Yes! We are. What I was saying then was not for then, it is for now. That is why it is very very important to choose base on the future, not the present status, let God open your eyes to see the future. The Holy Spirit just helped me to see beyond him. To see his future and God’s plan for his life. I think we should give kudos to the Holy Spirit.

Q10: Someone who is getting married, what can you tell him/her about how to behave with his/her in-laws?

The person should watch “My Mother-in-law”. It is a movie that is practical to me because, apart from the Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of the movie, I also had a personal experience of some of things in the movie. When you are going into marriage, not everybody will marry, but if you believe you are going to marry, then, just trust God and do it in God’s own way. Marriage is a ministry, marriage is work, if you want the best of it, follow God’s principles as written in the scripture.

The number 1 thing God taught me is LOVE. Then, when there was a serious misunderstanding between myself and my mother-in-law, my husband’s sister, the Holy Spirit dealt with me and told me to love her, no matter what she does. I took a step then, and that step really humbled her, she was so surprised.

As single lady, if you know you are going into marriage, you want God to choose for you and walk with you in that marriage, if you want God to help you and you want your marriage to work, LOVE. That you get married to the right person does not mean that you will automatically have a beautiful home if you don’t play your part well. Especially we wives, Yes mothers too, but they have played their roles and have passed the baton to you, it is important to accept the baton in love and determine to finish the race as a champion. if you as a single lady believes that God has given you this home, one of the ingredients to use to be happy and fulfilled in your dreams is to LOVE, then you will take it serious. It is not easy to love, especially when you see things contrary to your expectations. When you know God says you should love, and you obey God, He will balance the rest for you. He will make things to surpass your expectations and dreams, then you will be able to have peace.

If you are going into marriage, just put that in your mind. Even if your mother-in-law is a witch, when you walk in God’s own way, the witch will bow for you. Because, God Himself is love and when you obey Him, He will arise for you. When God says LOVE, He is saying “HAVE MORE OF ME”.

I’ve seen a situation where they are terrible in the husband’s family, but with the love of Christ, this woman ruled in her home, so when you keep loving, you are bringing GOD inside. Don’t see everything as your own property, open your door, like the woman in Proverbs 31. Some women are fond of hiding things whenever their in-laws are around. I used to have a house-help then, anytime my mother-in-law comes in, she will pick anything and everything she wants. So the girl will come and meet me and say, “Mummy, Mama takes this and that…” and I will reply her, Ehn! What is your problem? Is it your things she is taking? Never in your life will you report such to me, let her take whatever she wants. Some of us married women are so stingy and full of its my own mentality, that is not life. The woman in Proverbs 31 freely gave out what she had, freely give, easily give. If that woman in Proverbs 31 was so kind to people outside, what do you think would have happened to those inside her household. Be open and kind. When you play your part, you will see God backing you up and supporting you, giving you favour. However, no matter how terrible your in-laws may be, they will respect that God in you, they won’t see your bad side again, but they will see God in you, and once they can see God in you, they will bow before that God.

Don’t just love your husband, love your in-laws, love everybody, his family, his people, God’s people. When you display that LOVE, the spirit of God will be alive in you and you will become mother’s not only to your children but to people all over the world.

Q11: As a single lady, and a young married woman, how can one maintain godly friendship and set priorities right, family and going out with friends?

Most of us have that kind of problem though, the reason is, when you are single, you have some friends you are moving with, but believe this, if you want to go far, you have to drop some friends. When you are married, there are some people that cannot fit into your scale of life. It is not pride, but because of priority level differences. Because you might begin to do some things and they will not quite understand why you have to take such decisions. So, as God is elevating you, there is no way you won’t drop some friends if you want to go far. That is the reason some women who believe they can’t do without friends find themselves to blame. There are some things you do in your house, that your friend must not know, because once you marry, your close friend status has changed to your husband. If a woman is fond of telling her friend about everything that happens in her home, you are walking in a dangerous zone. That is where so many women receive terrible advice that will eventually destroy their homes and the future of their marriage. Although, God can give you friends, God can help you to have people that will help you spiritually, help you in some other areas. As you get to a point in your life, you must trust God to direct people that will come into your life. If you see someone trying to speak against your partner, against your husband, or trying to convince you not to support your husband, RUN FROM THAT PERSON. Its happening even in Christendom, when you discuss about your home with some people, these advisers will not understand what your husband is trying to say or do, they counsel and advice you according to their own understanding and their own spiritual level, they will turn your heart away from your husband. For example, your husband comes and says he wants to embark on a project or go into full time ministry, you now table it before these friends of yours, they will say, ehn! What is he saying?, you better apply wisdom…quoting “Wisdom is profitable to direct”, just pretend to your husband as if you understand and give him a shocker”. That is why you see some people having cracks in their homes.

Be sure of one thing, your best friend is your husband. You can now be friends with those who will support your vision, love what you love, pray with you, godly, fear God. If someone speaks against your vision , against what you believe in, RUN FROM THAT FRIEND, if not you will not go far.

Sisters, choose your friend wisely, it is very easy for friends to destroy home. It is a terrible ministration. Just mere talking to friends, you will begin to receive terrible spirits. Some women comes home and give it to their husband hot, out of the spirit of the conversation they had with their friend.

If you know you have vision to accomplish for God, be careful of who your friends are.  You don’t need to have too many friends choose godly friends. The Holy Spirit is the greatest friend, He is so real than any human being you can find.

Q12: If  then, is it  possible for someone to succeed in life without friends?

Know the purpose of friendship or having a friend first. To get counsel, support and help each other. Get someone that has the above discussed attributes and not with wrong individuals/groups. No one walk alone, but have some people you can easily relate with. Call on God to guide you in choosing the right friends.

Q13: How do you go about it if you have a vision, but not enough resources to achieve it?

If God gives a vision, He owns the vision and He is the only one that can accomplish it. He does not depend on what you have, because He created everything. Gold and silver are his. If you are waiting to have enough resources before you can embark on your vision, you won’t be able to do it. But what God demands from you is your faith. Your faith in the one who gave the vision and able to bring it to fulfilment. Every great feat/mission we see in the world today always start small, Mount Zion started very small, you all know the beginning, if you don’t know, go and watch “The Train”. There was a time in the ministry that God said every team member should go on full time, if God was depending on their resources, they will never get anything done. But the vision looked so great. As we walk with Him by faith you will see God making way, directing you, teaching you on what to do. You don’t depend on your resources to launch into whatever God is asking you to do for him, but you depend on God who created everything, including people that will help you to accomplish the vision. Don’t look to what you have or what you don’t have. Whatever you have will be useful, but can never be enough to fulfil God’s vision. What you need is absolute faith and trust in God. When God anointed David, he was nothing, but trusted in God. Look at the disciples, they had nothing, even Jesus Christ. Whenever there is a need, it’s either He will send Peter to go and get money from the mouth of the fish or pray for multiplication of bread and fish. Peter and John also at the beautiful gate, had nothing, they told the lame man, “gold and silver, we have not, but we have something that money cannot buy”, that is the ANOINTING. That is what we need. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will make a way where there is no way. God can bring water from the dry land, he can make a way in the wilderness, he can create anything. When He calls you, it is a privilege. When he calls you, what you need to do is to determine to TRUST HIM, rest on Him and keep following Him, you will see God making way for you. He will bring the money, just obey. Act in FAITH.

Q14: As a child of God, is it okay to be dreaming about someone chasing you, eating in the dream or having sexual intercourse in the dream? What can the person do, especially when you know you are a child of God and God has delivered you from such?

The devil is a liar, and the father of it. That we are born again, spirit filled doesn’t stop what the devil can do at anytime. If you don’t know your right, the devil can manipulate you and manipulate things against you. Whatever is happening in your dream is like a picture, if you accept the dream, you have accepted the devil’s offer. Immediately you wake up from such terrible dream, rise up, renounce it and send it back to hell where it came from. The Holy Spirit might ask you to fast that day, you can fast and pray about it. Once you pray, renounce it, rebuke it, such hold cannot stand. Dream can come in various ways, God can speak to us through dream and the devil can also manipulate dreams, when you wake up, you will know if a dream is from God or not, if any dream does not favour your life, don’t accept it from the devil. That is how to tell the devil who you are, you know your right, you are a child of God. You have been redeemed, your spirit is transformed. As you claim your right, rebuke the spirit and send it back to the sender. Reject it as many times as it keep occurring, as long as you did not accept it and don’t act in fear, stand your ground and rebuke it, it can never be your portion.

Q15: How can a working class go into ministry, what are the measures to be taken?

It depends! Because God can call you despite your secular job. But if God is calling you into full time ministry, that is a different thing. But if they believe they can combine the two, they just need to pray and know what God wants them to do. So that when they start the ministry, the ministry will not affect the job and vice versa, they can consider this if they want to combine the two.

Thank you for reading through. I hope this interview has blessed you a great deal.

Please share the link with your friends, singles and married, let us pass the true talk on. God bless you.

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