God’s Perfect Deed

God’s Perfect Deed

Whenever we see things happen, it’s in nature of man to attribute it to something or someone.

A man who lost his job, he immediately got another offer, though a step lower than his previous position, but he got the leading to accept it. He did and got double promotion that catapult Him to a rank higher than his previous position. Years later, he became the owner of the company.

Only God can do this. This month, it is important to hear from God and follow the impulse of His leading.

May things happen in your life this month, that when people ask you, the only conclusion they see will be this is the Lord’s doing and it is perfectly executed.

Congratulations and Happy New Month your Royal highness!🤴🏽🫅🏻👸🤴🏽

image Credit: KennyBlogs

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