She Gets It Right This Month

Nigeria’s flag

Whenever Abigail wake up to look at herself in the mirror, living in the home of a cruel man, Nabal, she looks up to God and says; God I’m married to this man, and I know your faithfulness never cease, please help me!.

One day, God gave Abigail the opportunity to show to the world the stuff she’s made of, she saved her entire household by just one act. And God rewarded her with the throne. 1 Samuel 25:2-42

I know you have a fantastic and amazing personality, and this is the time to show your true identity of a patriotic, godly and intentional citizen. By taking the bull by the horn. You still have 5days to collect your PVC as a Nigerian if you have not done so. Just like Abigail did, you have the decision to make either to save your entire household by one attitude of voting right this election, not with prejudice or irresponsibility, but with the determination that God, help us! Save our land, I’ve played my part!

If Abigail has said, Nabal is a foolish and cruel man, let him reap the fruit of his foolishness, she would have died with her husband.

Do your part in the liberation of Nigeria! God will save and heal our land, let us as citizen play our part.

Family Princess

Vote Wisely! Vote Right! #Feb25th! #March11 The Future of Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be great again!

Happy New Month of February! ❤️🥰😘🙌

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