No Gree for Any Negativity

No Gree for Any Negativity

As we stand at the threshold of a new calendar year, it is essential to recognize that our journey unfolds in two phases: the culmination of the complete calendar year and the commencement of our personal birth calendar year.

In this current season, the transition into the calendar year has been swift, marked by a flurry of events. Amidst it all, we are rest assured that God has spoken great things concerning us.
Let our hearts resound with the firm resolution: “No gree for any negativity this year.”
Our trust in God, as seen in Eze 37:8-10, Exo 14:21, and Acts 2, propels us forward with unshakeable confidence. We hold onto the truth that God is faithful to His Word; therefore, we believe and declare it. “We no go gree for any negativity in our lives, family and nation”

The sagacious words of Matthew 7:25-27 guide us on the confident path to experiencing the above. It emphasizes the foundation of God’s WORD and dwelling where God is. Psalm 91 reinforces the assurance that in God’s dwelling place, we find safety and refuge. In Christ alone is strength, hope, joy, peace, prosperity and fulfilment.

Your confession is your possession. Let us not settle for anything less than God’s best. Say what you want to experience no matter the circumstances around you.

The cautionary experience of Lot in Genesis 19 is a pointer for us not to take God’s choice and instructions lightly. Lot, by not following divine instruction, settled for the permissive will of God. Instead, let us cultivate an addiction to having FAITH IN GOD and BELIEVE HIS WORD, recognizing that our true strength lies in Him.

Drawing inspiration from a recent message by one of our ministers, we internalize the profound significance of obedience. His journey serves as a poignant reminder that our acts of obedience to God will pave the way for a future filled with abundance and fulfillment. As we carry this testimony with us, let us boldly declare that we are greater than our circumstances.

In this generation, God places a special trust in us, the youth, to be intentional to righteous living, HOLINESS and complete obedience to His WORD. He will reward us with abundant blessings.

May our collective commitment to obedience, resolute faith, and walking with God usher in a year saturated with divine favor, exponential growth, and an unwavering dedication to God’s Word. Amen.


Image Credit: Florence Obi, TBN Interview with Priscilla

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